The Last Picture Show is an artist initiated research project. It looks at photographic family archives and the way these are changing with the possibilities offered by a variety of new media technologies, examining the inevitable shifts that this has created. This site brings together photographic archival collections, writings and artists' projects, acting as a link between analogue and digital uses of family photography. There is a strong interest in history and memory both of the individual family and its relation to wider culture underpinning the site.

The Last Picture Show grew out of artist Marjolaine Ryley's own practice, which explores ideas of memory, history, familial relationships and archival narratives. Her archival series Résidence Astral explores the interactions between people and space, capturing the psychological charge of the domestic environment, exploring the duality of experience within the familial realm that encompasses the closeness and comfort, as well as claustrophobia and ambivalence that we may feel towards members of our family.

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